Career Counseling Cell

COGITO - The Career Counseling Cell of SPS Rohit Nagar

“Finding your passion is the key to your success.”

Choosing the right career is one of the most crucial decisions of a student’s life. It is the continuous process of thinking about the interests, values, skills and preferences and aptitude and exploring the learning options available for a child.

The School has a robust Career counselling cell which helps to create awareness amongst students so that they are in a position to make informed choices. It serves a number of functions like:

  • Guiding the students to help them focus on the right kind of skills, readings and exposure that would help them build their profile for admissions to various universities as well as for their careers.
  • Helping students to identify their areas of interest and aptitude through regular Career Counseling Sessions.
  • Organising interactive and interesting one on one session with experts in different fields thereby guiding them to make the best education and career choices for themselves.
  • Providing updated information regarding various choices of subject, courses & colleges and the current career trends.