Principal's Message

principal sps rohit nagar, top cbse schools in bhopal, day boarding schools in bhopal Dr. Madhubala Chauhan
Principal, SPS-Rohit Nagar

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming
them is what makes life meaningful.”

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) predicts nothing about your health, happiness, wealth and many of the factors of success but Adversity Quotient (AQ) does.

A high AQ is a reliable predictor of whether a person will succeed in life or not moreover AQ is age irrelevant. Leaders not only have high AQ but also have good IQ and Emotional Quotient (EQ).A good IQ standing allows a person to learn facts and processes quickly, whereas a good EQ allows a person to stay level - headed in tense or high stress situations. However AQ will demonstrate its usefulness in terms of challenges and helps a person to get up quickly after facing defeat. What differentiates exceptional people from good ones is their ability to shine during times of crises. To thrive in challenging times one has to master all the four levels of our being- mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

At the mental level it’s about building the right mind set. It is about overcoming our fears and doubts and building confidence, positivity and Resilience. At the emotional level it is about building an anchor of inner stillness and Equanimity, so that the volatility and uncertainty around us does not easily affect us.

At the physical dimension, its about our prioritization and Agility towards effectively managing time. Whatever you pay attention to will grow in your life. Focus on exercise and nutrition, you will become healthier; focus on meditation, you will become calmer.

At the spiritual level its about connecting with our deepest motivation and higher Purpose. It invites us to reflect on what’s more important to us in life. Whether it’s health, family, happiness or simply to be wise, content and kind. People with high AQ harness these emotions and channelize them towards leading a more purposeful life.

Dear Sagarites whatever are your pursuits, start investing on all the four levels of your being to REAP the benefit from it.