Montessori Training - Day 3

”Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the minds.”
The third day of invigorating Montessori session started with explosion of writing and reading where in Ms Shamala Rao emphasized on the point that total reading means reading with understanding.
Further, she presented various interesting ways of introducing verbs, phrases and riddles to children.
In the next session by Ms Sudha, emphasis was laid on making Arithmetic more interesting and clear to children.
Counting activity, concept of zero, cards and counters, number rods, spindle box, Seguin board activity showcased by Ms Shyamala Rao and Ms Sudha Prasad gave way to a new outlook of making our children understand mathematical operations easily and in an interesting way.
Teachers had hands on experience for all these aforesaid activities.
The last session had a creative flair where in all the teachers joined in preparing Montessori materials like nomenclature cards, command cards, riddles, arithmetical operations etc.
The day concluded with the teachers getting a new bunch of ideas for better learning process of the child.

Date: 14-06-2019 00:00:00