Mock Parliament at SPSRN

A Mock Parliament was held at Sagar Public School Rohit Nagar on 23 December 2020 where the future leaders got their first taste of governance in a mock parliamentary session The enthusiastic participation of the students left everyone spell –bound.

Most aspects related with the functioning of parliament were covered during the mock session. It had both the ruling and the opposition parties at the right and left sides, respectively. The aspiring leaders presented their views on the steps to be taken for the security of women, nation-wide water crisis, VIP privileges which cause discomfort to the common people and how to work towards creating a developed India.

The Question Hour was the most interesting session. It was amazing to see the opposition leaders asking clarifications on various issues. In the Zero Hour some sensitive issues were taken up.

The students, as parliamentarians, exhibited their knowledge about the benefits and concerns pertaining to trivial issues, through debating skills and witty couplets, with great knowledge and zeal.

Date: 23-12-2020 00:00:00