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About SVN

With achievements come responsibilities, and a responsibility which Sagar Group has proudly taken up is to provide every child education which is of course their birthright. To serve a greater purpose Sagar Group’s Abhay Sagar Foundation set up Sagar Vidhya Niketan in 2015 where we provide holistic education to the underprivileged sections of the society.
Sagar Vidhya Niketan is an English medium school affiliated to the MP Board of secondary education. It boasts of a rigorous curriculum and a strong mentorship program, at par with the other successful academic institutions run by the Sagar Group. Some of the core features of the school are:

  • Free of cost education.
  • Free meals.
  • Capsule courses and bridge courses to eliminate gaps in learning.
  • A Guarantor system that motivates the parents to send their children to school.

Other features include morning assemblies, computer, yoga and physical education classes and homework periods. The dedicated goal of SVN is to provide high quality education that will empower the children, and arm them with the critical, creative, technological skills that will transform them into responsible and successful citizens of India.

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Sagar Public School Rohit Nagar organizes an activity on ‘Tree Plantation’. Children planted the saplings with their parents and learned the importance of planting the sapling & how they save our lives. Principal Dr. Madhubala Chauhan, HR Director Mr. K.K.Dubey, Vice Principal Ms. Alpa Prabhu and supervisors contributed in this event. Our chairman Mr. Sudhir Kumar Agarwal said, that school had been conducting such social activities & would continue to do so in future also.

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Happiness by sharing

Community service can be beneficial to teach children how to help the needy people of our society and to show the attitude of gratitude towards the people who are helping us in daily routine life. Children were happy and cherished the moments shared with the people in old age home and other places. They also showed gratitude to the service providers of our neighbourhood like- Hospital, Fire Brigade, Municipal Corporation, Police Station etc. by giving them sweets and thank you cards as a token of love for their gratefulness.

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Sagar Public School is not only shaping the little brains to achieve their endeavours but is also inculcating the ethical values by the grand initiative FISTFUL OF HAPPINESS. It is initiated by the SAGAR GROUP to offer helping hands to the needy people who are unable to have two squares of meal a day. Children participated to collect grains under the programme wholeheartedly. The collected grains were distributed to the needy people. Children could see the spark of joy in the eyes of those who also deserve to eat and live well. After all, "It is in giving that we receive………………."

Community Service

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. When you give as a family, not only are you sharing the happiness that giving brings to you by watching it translate into a positive change, but you are also transmitting your giving values to your children by engaging them in the giving process itself.
We collected old clothes, winter wear and other things like toys, utensils, mobile, electronic gadgets, etc which is not used by us but is in usable condition. We distributed these material to needy people with the help of Sagarites. Your zeal and enthusiasm to support this mission of ours brought smile on many faces.

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Reuse of the best

The left over pages of the old notebooks collected by students were binded and made into new notebooks and distributed to the needy students at Sagar Vidhya Niketan along with various used books which filled them in immense happiness and joy.

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Skill Enrichment classes for parents

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi

We realise our responsibility towards our immediate community and keeping this in mind, our team has taken the initiative to provide IT and communication skills training to selected parents through an after-school Education Program which aims to bring a greater degree of academic competence and increased self-reliance to them.