Counseling is a professional relationship which involves helping people to make desirable changes in ways of thinking , feeling and behaving. It is a collaborative process, involving a supportive, non-judgemental counselor who works with a client with physical, emotional and mental health issues inorder to improve their sense of well being , alleviate feelings of distress, provide better coping skills to manage their problems.
We at Sagar provide individual counseling , group counseling for students, their parents and the staff members as well.
Counseling in school addresses academic, personal and social development according to the needs of students.
Individual counseling focus on helping students in the area of learning and behavioral problems, social skills deficit, anger management, personal/social adjustment, emotional difficulties, academic problems etc by working in collaboration with teachers, parents and the outer world as well. The purpose of group psycho-education is to help children achieve the desired competencies and to provide students with awareness, attitude and skills suitable for their developmental age.