Beyond Curriculum

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Skill Enrichment Classes

Learning and acquiring skills is rapidly shifting from the four walls of classrooms. Co - scholastic activities not only groom the inherent talent of the child but also give them an extra edge and confidence...

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Achievers Club

An achiever is the one who accomplishes successfully and performs the given task at the expected standard or above standard level.Here at SPS Rohit Nagar, we run a programme for our young achievers who are groomed to believe in themselves and in their abilities.We turn them into positive thinkers...

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Interdisciplinary Activities

Interdisciplinary activities have been introduced in the school to give the students a wide and broad knowledge of a particular topic through various activities and assignments in different subjects. the activities help to dissolve the boundaries between areas of study in order to encourage learning across the curriculum...

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Happiness by Sharing

Young students at the school understand their bigger responsibility towards the Community, Society, and the Nation as whole through various social welfare activities through out the year. Students indulge in Shramdaan, Bhandaara, Donations and Visiting Old age Homes etc. This develops a sense of sympathy and gratitude among young minds...

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'A Specialized Programme Integrating Resources and Expertise' Experts and achievers from different and diverse fields like arts, Science, Technology, Literature, Music and Dance etc are invited to interact with the students about their journey, obstacles, challenges, motivation etc. This helps in expansion of knowledge and wisdom of the students...

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Cooperative Learning

We hope to create a less stressful transition and a more hospitable, welcoming atmosphere at SPS by assisting new students and teachers in adapting to our culture, values and environment. The buddy helps the new member to get accustomed to the Sagar family with ease and comfort...

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Educational Trip

Educational trips are a time-honored tradition in most schools. The students love them. Educational trips give them a chance to get out of the classroom and experience something new. One of the biggest advantages of educational trips is that they allow students to have a real-world experience...

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National Trips

National and International tours are organized every year for the students. Students visit places of historical, cultural, scientific and national importance which promotes learning and develop a sense of pride for our national heritages among young minds. International tours are organized to visit the place or institute of significance for the students to learn about the culture, food, weather, language, outfits of that place...

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Career Counselling Cell, SPSRN focusses upon the basic understanding on how students of classes IX to XII must start getting prepared for the world outside the school leading towards a great life with a good career.

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Go Green

We hope to develop eco-related activities to bring into focus the belief of sustainability down to the smallest child. We hope this will impart a spirit of volunteerism and a lesson in community service to senior children who could help sustain say, a locality.

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Teacher Empowerment

Our focus is to redefine the teacher’s role, as a designer of environments that support and facilitate learning. We believe that a teacher’s role is to facilitate learning, not merely delivering information. To do so, the teacher must have a stake in the process of self-development and growth alongside the student.

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Atal Tinkering Laboratories

SAGAR PUBLIC SCHOOL ROHIT NAGAR got the privilege to become one of the centres of Atal Tinkering Laboratories (ATL).