Go Green

We hope to develop eco-related activities to bring into focus the belief of sustainability down to the smallest child. We hope this will impart a spirit of volunteerism and a lesson in community service to senior children who could help sustain say, a locality.
Children learn energy conservation at an early age when they see their teachers systematically switching off fans and lights upon leaving the classroom. Moreover considerable amount of paper is saved by the use of the electronic mode for sending out messages, work sheets, lesson plans, helping us reduce our carbon footprints.
Our children are protests against fireworks over Diwali. This seems to have lead to a sizable reduction in air and noise pollution in the neighborhood. Students are encouraged to plant trees in their localities. They have volunteered in good numbers in developing the Herbal Garden at the school campus. The idea behind this herbal garden is to focus on the medicinal features of the plants and their roles in our lives.