Principal's Message

Dr. Madhubala Chauhan
Pricipal SPS Rohit Nagar

Celebrate life with the talent you have...
To celebrate life we need to celebrate the talent that we have. Some use their talent and some don't, because they are not sufficiently aware of the gifts of life they have.

The musician looks at life's beauty through sound, the artist through visuals, the writer through words,the chef through culinary delights, the economist through statistics,the thinker through concepts and abstraction, the believer through faith. There is a whole world out there full of beauty and light.

A multifaceted personality may have a large number of skills, some innate and some developed. Others choose to stagnate and find the easy way out because developing a talent and celebrating it means hard work.

If we put our talent to good use, we can uplift the society and change the hearts of people. So discover your own inherent talent and celebrate life by developing the talent or talents you have.